Collect granular Search Engine data for a complete SERP watch. Monitor fluctuations across all search features, competition, ad contents, Above-the-Fold SERP shares, page, and category rankings.



Get precise SERP data from continents, countries, cities, and zip codes with multiple search devices to audit and generate reliable insights for smart international and local search marketing strategies.



Highly scalable and customizable technology that supports unlimited keyword monitoring from any geographic location, channel, and hour to customize SERP data collection as per your needs & budget.

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Precise Targeted Local Search View

Audit search performance across the US, Europe, Asia, and other markets accurately. We ensure your data is collected precisely from your targeted locations, matched up to the zip code level.

Monitor your competitive landscape, all ads surfacing in the SERP, and ad rank across search features. Determine the tactics of national players and flag the local competitors winning your business.

Multi-Language Support for International Targeting

GrowByData search monitoring tools support international languages. We help you collect SERP data for your international keywords in any language and monitor country-specific TLDs of Google, Bing, Amazon, & other platforms.

Monitor serp & strategize your search marketing campaigns across all international languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean,  Mandarin, Hindi, Malay, Nepali and more.

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Real-Time SERP Tracking

Our high-tech, scalable technology allows you to collect SERP data hourly, multiple times a day. A higher frequency of collection lets you track almost all ads, advertisers, anomalies, and violations such as affiliates, MAP, brand terms, and trademarks.

Unlimited Channel Support

We offer a highly customizable monitoring solution and support SERP data collection from Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Amazon, and Target, as well as retail media networks such as CVS, among other platforms strategically important to you.

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Flexible Data Delivery and Reporting Options

We provide flexible data delivery that can seamlessly integrate with Business Intelligence tools like quick insight, tableau, data studio, and power BI. We can also send data directly to your in-house tools, for your convenience.

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  • Hyper-Local Targeting
  • Holistic Search Strategies
  • Share of Voice / Share of Search
  • Competitive Landscape & Dynamics
  • Merchandizing Dynamics
  • SEM Brand Compliance
  • SEM Affiliate Compliance
  • Market Change Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Monitoring is the act of observing your performance on SERPs, spotting search trends, and finding new opportunities to improve your visibility and rank on Search Engine Result Pages.

A Search Monitoring tool helps you minimize wasted efforts because it can quickly let you know which keywords or content strategies are performing well and which are not allowing you to quickly pivot or update your tactics.

Search Engines like Google makes around 500-600 changes per year in their search algorithm, triggering substantial changes in any keyword SERP. It let you proactively track all the SERPs features in 2023, which is not provided by tools offered by Google, Amazon, etc. SERP monitoring tools give 4 key benefits to search marketers:

  • Gaining a better understanding of your vs. your competitor’s visibility across SERP features
  • Monitoring and tracking your vs competitor’s visibility both above and below the fold
  • Analyzing factors impacting visibility and click shares.
  • Building strategic insights to power holistic search marketing

SERP data will have significant changes across geo-locations and search devices, so a crawler technology should have the ability to imitate manual search queries, originating from precise locations matched to the zip code level. Therefore, only high-tech search monitoring tools can ensure accurate and precise SERP tracking.

Search features are SERP components across organic and paid advertising on search engines. Popular organic formats on Google SERPs are People Also Ask, Images, Popular Products, Google Maps, Featured Snippets, etc. Paid ad formats on Google are considered text ads & Google Shopping Ads.

The performance data provided by a platform like Google only provides your SERP rank for just organic categories and does not give your ad position detail for paid ads. SERP monitoring data can track your rank across the organic and paid features.

The page rank is your ad position considering all ads available in SERP, while category rank is your ad rank by any SERP features.

GrowByData’s SERP tracking tool divides SERPs into visible and invisible elements across various screen sizes. The SERP ads which are visible without scrolling the page are called above-the-fold search impressions.

Our Paid Search monitoring solution provides a unified view of your paid and even organic campaign performances across all SERP components, geographical locations, devices, campaigns, and content strategies.

It means deeper insights into competitors’ top ads, tracking what products retailers are pushing, pricing, and uncovering new promotional tactics.

Yes, GrowByData’s Paid Search monitoring tool is compatible with Spanish SERP tracking and more non-English languages such as Japanese, and German, among other international languages you may be targeting.

Local Search Monitoring is analyzing the SERP features to find out your brand’s visibility at a local level. Search Engines like Google and Bing update their search result based on location to present the most relevant search result to the customer. So, as a brand, you need a different strategy to manage and optimize your listings across several locations.

The Local Search Monitoring Provides following benefits.

1. Local Search Monitoring at ZIP code level

The precise Local level search data that allows you to track almost all ads, advertisers, anomalies, and better understand your competitive landscape. Monitor your brand’s presence at each location and make sure your business is correctly listed online so you get found on specific SERP components.

2. Analyze Local Keywords & SERP Intent

Understand keywords that have local intent in SERP result apart from the keywords with local phrases and improve your local ranking across the SERP features and leverage your local presence in the targeted location.

3.Increase awareness of local competitive landscape

Local search monitoring allows you to understand the share of voice in local areas giving you insights into the major competitors in the area. Understanding your local level competitors for specific keywords in local area allows you to optimize your local PPC strategy and make better strategic to compete in the local area.

4. Local Search Marketing at a Global Scale

Understand the SERP result landscape in specific areas based on the predominant language of that location. Our search monitoring tool supports collection of the SERP data for international keywords in several languages and analyzes Top-level Domains (TLDs) to give you the most accurate presence at specific locations across the globe.

Businesses need to optimize local SEP strategy to improve their site traffic, leads, and conversions to improve local rankings on Google. Some of the ways to optimize your local SEO are:

  1. Create and optimize GMB Profile
  2. Adopt Local on-page optimization
  3. Create a mobile friendly website
  4. Focus on reviews of customers on local review sites
  5. Build locally relevant and high-quality backlinks
  6. Take advantage of online business directories and citations
  7. Create high quality and engaging content
  8. Target relevant local keywords on your website
  9. Create profiles for your company on popular social media sites

A local rank tracker is a tool that helps you to check your site ranking for a keyword at a zip code, region, and city level. Search Intelligence helps you understand the results of your local SEO campaigns and tells you how you are ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

The international search monitoring is collecting the SERP data of keywords from international target market locations to understand your brand visibility across the globe, analyze competitive landscape and audit your international search targeting.

Google shows different search results in different locations for the same keyword based on the intent of the keyword, location of the search, and distance to a product/service/business.

This is why it is important to track the local SERP and understand what kind of businesses and content is showing up. Search Intelligence Software can help businesses make the right decisions to improve their rank in specific locations and keywords.