The Benefits of GrowByData’s Cloud Computer Program

The Benefits of GrowByData’s Cloud Computer Program
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The Benefits of GrowByData's Cloud Computer Program. GrowByDatar-training

GrowByData offers a Cloud Computer Program for individuals from a variety of backgrounds, all on your schedule. The program is designed for everyone from college students to retired individuals and everyone in between. This is a wonderful platform for people looking for a new career path or just a part-time job.

This program is a great option for many in the workforce who are hungry to keep up with today’s cutting-edge technology. As part of the program, proper training is provided by our experienced data analysts on various tasks such as Data Cleanup, Data Mapping, Data QA, Image Editing, Product Search, Product Match, and Price Comparison, just to name a few curriculum topics. This training is provided for free at the official GrowByData office. Basic knowledge of Excel and data processing would be helpful before joining this program.

GrowByData has trained more than 1,000 Cloud Analysts in the past five years and currently, 80-plus Cloud Analysts are working remotely from diverse backgrounds. This program can produce meaningful results for students over time. A number of our trained Cloud Analysts are working in reputed IT companies across Nepal, as well as in-house at GrowByData.

Here are a few testimonials from current GrowByData employees who have made a career out of this program:

Deependra Verma started his journey as a Cloud Analyst in July 2014. After working as an analyst for a year and a half, he was hired as an intern and got an opportunity to learn new tasks on different platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Magento, etc. He then worked as a Data Analyst starting in January 2016 with many talented team members. He has been training new hires, too, and regularly leads projects for clients. Recently, he has started to lead calls with the clients. “Overall, it has been a great learning experience working at GrowByData,” he said.

Prabesh Man Shrestha, who is also a Data Analyst, started his journey as a Cloud Analyst in 2016. He described his experience in the Cloud Computer Program at GrowByData as highly productive.

“Every day, I was learning something new, as each training was different from the other day. I saw a gradual improvement in my QA skills and performed better in tasks than before. After that, I got into [my] internship, [and] since then, I need not look back on my career journey where I’ve enjoyed each moment at GrowByData,” shared Prabesh.