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What is SEO Intelligence?

SEO intelligence is a subset of search intelligence. While search intelligence helps eCommerce marketers target shoppers across all of the ad types and formats of Google and Bing, SEO intelligence focuses on organic searches. When combined with other forms of marketing intelligence, including competitive intelligence, search intelligence, product intelligence, and marketplace intelligence, SEO intelligence can provide holistic and granular visibility into how to optimize organic searches during the shopper’s journey.

Why Should Your Agency or Brand Use SEO Intelligence to Improve eCommerce Performance?

SEO intelligence is collected and analyzed through an SEO intelligence tool. However, SEO intelligence is most effectively used as part of a search intelligence strategy. When used holistically with search intelligence, SEO intelligence provides end-to-end insight across all SERP components, text ads, display ads, shopping, local ads, and organic. Consumers almost always take holistic shopper journeys, and will search for products across all SERP components. However, SEO intelligence is very effective at providing insight into organic searches, which most often provide brands with credibility and trust through third party reviews that consumers frequently search.

What are some of the key features required for effective SEO intelligence, and how is it more powerful when combined with search intelligence, product intelligence, and marketplace intelligence?

SEO Intelligence Tools and Search Intelligence

All SEO intelligence tools support developing keyword strategies and the necessary functionality to support paid and organic campaigns. This functionality includes organic and PPC keyword research, rank tracking, link building, competitor SEO visibility, and on-page and local SEO analysis. However, SEO intelligence tools by themselves do not provide search intelligence. Search intelligence examines the shopper journey across all end-to-end SERP components. But it also combines competitive intelligence, shopper attributes collected from searches, and visibility into how search intelligence is unified with product intelligence and marketplace intelligence to provide complete insight into the entire shopper journey across the digital shelf.

SEO intelligence

Unified with Product Intelligence and Marketplace Intelligence


When search intelligence is unified with product intelligence and marketplace intelligence, eCommerce marketers gain further advantage in understanding how to most effectively optimize product pages across marketplaces to create buying experiences that optimize sales. For example, eCommerce marketers can get holistic visibility down to the SKU level of what searches drove purchase decisions, competitive intelligence on content, price promotions, and fulfillment, and share-of-voice across and within marketplaces.

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Why Use GrowByData’s SEO Intelligence?

GrowByData goes beyond tactical insight that is available in holistic SEO intelligence tools, and provides SEO intelligence that is holistic with search intelligence. eCommerce marketers may start with GrowByData’s search intelligence, and based on their needs, add unified visibility with product intelligence and marketplace intelligence. GrowByData’s search intelligence, product intelligence, and marketplace intelligence includes availability of shopper attributes and insights custom to your business.

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