Amazon SEO Guide 2022- Improve Your Product Visibility

Amazon SEO Guide 2022- Improve Your Product Visibility
Devik Balami | December 21, 2021
Amazon SEO Guide - Improve your Product Visibility

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the US. As one of the core platforms to buy and sell products, it has become the catalyst for the success of various eCommerce businesses. With an increasing number of consumers and sellers on the platform, e-commerce businesses cannot help but start to implement every technique and optimization process to have a chance at increasing visibility and driving conversion to their product listing page on the platform.

What is Amazon SEO?

In general, when we talk about SEO, we only think about Google thus underestimating the algorithm of the Amazon Search Engine.

Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing and improving various elements of the Product Detail page on Amazon and improving the Amazon SEO Ranking. Optimizing Amazon Detail Page can help increase the visibility of products and drive traffic.

The core of the Amazon search engine is A9 or Amazon Search Algorithm which had helped Amazon to retain its position as number 1 for product discovery and purchasing. Amazon is a product-based search engine so taking proactive measures based on the product is the best way to drive conversion.

What are the organic product listings available on Amazon?

Organic product listings are unpaid ads that appear on the Amazon SERP. The search results are determined by Amazon based on several factors like product ads being relevant to the shopper’s search query, product content, reviews, sales of the product, etc. Within the organic listings, some products can earn several badges from Amazon to entice digital shoppers and increase their visibility, clicks, and sales. The graph below shows the composition of organic ads for shoe products on the first page of the Amazon SERP.

Composition of Organic Ads on the Amazon SERP

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