Amazon Share of Voice (SOV) Trends By Industry

Amazon Share of Voice (SOV) Trends By Industry
Ramesh Karki | November 25, 2022

There are hundreds of tools out there to get insights on Google Search. But not all insights can be a competitive edge for you to gain a higher share of voice on the platform. Marketers and advertisers know that uncommon, solid, and actionable insights are what maximize advertising ROI. Amazon is the largest advertiser on Google, competing in almost all the categories like apparel, household products, furniture, electronics, toys, etc. So, it makes sense to monitor, track, and analyze Amazon’s share of voice in each industry on Google.

GrowByData has not only been one of the top white-glove service providers for brands, retailers, and agencies, but it also offers best-in-class data and insights across the industry to make optimal marketing and advertising strategies to beat the competition.

One example of the kind of advanced data and analytics that GrowByData clients can leverage is the Amazon Share of Voice (SOV) on Google. Understanding Amazon’s share of voice fluctuations on the Google search can help you make strategic marketing and advertising decisions for your own products.

Let’s take a look at Amazon’s share of voice across two categories – Apparel & Accessories and Home Furnishing. We analyzed their SOV in 2022 and gained some valuable and interesting insights.


As shown on the trend graph below, Amazon came into the year with a 15% SOV that quickly declined to between 5%-10% until May. Then we see a massive gain from May till mid-June and another big jump in July (peaking around 31%) till mid-August before dropping off to more average levels. What the fluctuations tell us is that Amazon significantly increases its advertising and marketing efforts before large shopping events like New Year, Summer shopping, the 4th of July, etc. We will keep a close eye on how the trend shifts during the upcoming holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Historical Serp trends

Home Furnishings:

We saw a similar trend for Home Furnishing as shown in the graph below. The difference was that once the upward trend started in May, it continued all the way till mid-August before declining to more average levels.

Historical Serp trends - home furnishing


With Amazon Share of Voice Industry Trend insights, marketers and advertisers can see when Amazon is pushing their ads and when they are advertising less. Since it is almost impossible to compete with Amazon’s ad spending budget, we can use their SOV trend insights to increase advertising efforts when Amazon’s share of voice is lower.
Our capability is not just industry-wide, but we can also dive deeper into geolocations, keywords, and devices to give you even more granular insights into Amazon’s SOV trends.

Online consumer shopping has led to advertising constantly changing which provides marketers with new opportunities. Leading brands, retailers, and agencies have been leveraging GrowByData’s white glove custom analytics to optimize their total performance on Google and drive growth on the platform.

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