Google Shopping Ad Insights for Health & Beauty

March 25, 2021
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Our experts collected and analyzed the ad data from 327 broad-match type opportunity keywords for the month of January 2021. Using our Search Intelligence Solution, we found a total of 127,737 ads with 10,610 unique ad titles from almost 2K sellers/advertisers. Below are some interesting insights our experts were able to extract from the data. The following Insights include: who were the top advertisers for the month, what range of products were advertised the most, and what kind of ad extensions were used the most during the month.

Top 5 Advertisers based on Ad Coverage

As per our analysis, the top 5 advertisers based on the highest number of ad impressions are shown on the graph below. These 5 advertisers would be the biggest competition for advertisers competing for ads in this category. Target and Sephora were way ahead of the other top competitors within the top 5. Target had the highest ad impression (33%) followed by Sephora (31%), Ulta Beauty (17%), Nordstorm (9%), and Amazon (9%).

Top 5 advertisers based on Ad Coverage - Health & Beauty

Products per Price Range

The chart below for Health & Beauty category shows the highest percentage (63%) of the products were in the price range of $0-$50 and the least percentage (14%) of the products were in the price range above $150. Seeing that an overwhelming percentage of the products are priced under $50 and only a small percentage of products were priced above $150, this information can be taken into consideration by retailers for targeting which product they want to advertise on Google Shopping.

Products Per Price Range - Health & Beauty

Use of Auto Annotations

For the category Health & Beauty, we looked into the top auto annotations used on ads and found that annotations such as ‘sale’ and ‘price drop’ were the most frequently used. ‘Curbside pickup’ was also used on some ads.  3% of ads had the ‘sale’ annotation and 1% of ads had the ‘price drop’ annotation. This is potentially an area of opportunity that Health & Beauty product advertisers can focus on to increase their visibility.

auto annotation usage

Use of Shipping Annotations

Our data showed 21% of ads had shipping annotations and 79% of ads had no shipping annotation. Among the shipping annotations used, the most popular one was ‘Free Shipping’, which was used on 15% of ads, followed by ‘Free 3 Day’ (5%), and ‘Free 2-Day’ (1%). Using shipping annotations can be a good way to improve your Ad’s Performance.

Shipping annotation usage - health & beauty

Use of Local Inventory Ads

Further analyzing the data, we found only 9% of the ads had local inventory labels on them. 8% of the ads were using ‘Pick up today’ and only 1% had the ‘In Store’ inventory label. This is another area where advertisers can focus on to stand out and beat the larger big box stores by targeting more local and nearby customers.

local inventory ads usage - health & beauty

Use of Ratings and Reviews

For ratings and reviews, the Health & Beauty category had 39% of ads with rating scores of more than 4, but only 6% of ads had a rating score of more than 3 on Google Shopping. Looking at the review count data, we found that 36% of the ads had more than 100 reviews and 9% of the ads had less than 100 reviews.

Ads by Rating Score & reviews Count - Health & beauty


The above article provides insights on the Google Shopping ads for the Health and Beauty category, which retailers can use to improve their ad impressions, learn about the trends in the category and adjust and optimize your ad campaigns accordingly. Our Marketing Intelligence Solution can greatly benefit retailers trying to improve their presence on Google Shopping to gain a competitive edge over the competition.

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