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What is Marketplace Intelligence?

Marketplace intelligence collects and analyzes data from multiple marketplaces across the shopper’s journey, and is particularly useful with product intelligence and competitive intelligence. Marketplace intelligence encapsulates all of the dimensions from product detail pages, i.e. product content and quality, plus Ad Intelligence from paid advertising, organic searches in the marketplace, MAP, pricing intelligence, and the tracking of performance related to special programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus.

What are the ways in which marketplace intelligence is useful?

Competitive Intelligence and Visibility

Marketplace intelligence assists in developing a competitive strategy around marketplace opportunity and penetration. It is used to create growth in existing categories, enter a new marketplace, build a stronger brand image, or reduce the risk of a bad investment. When combined with product intelligence, marketplace intelligence provides very deep visibility down to the zip code and SKU level of a brand’s marketplace performance against its competition. The combination of product detail page analysis and share-of-voice in a marketplace provides the necessary insight to make adjustments to make the product more competitive.

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Content, Pricing, Promotional Consistency


Variations in brand consistency occur across marketplaces. These consistencies manifest themselves across the dimensions of product content, reviews and ratings, pricing, and promotions. These inconsistencies create potential opportunities if brands are outperforming on one marketplace or another, or spotlight an issue that requires immediate remediation. At a deeper level, when marketplace intelligence and search intelligence are combined, a marketer can gain greater visibility using shopper attributes from search intelligence to make better marketplace and product decisions.

Share-of-Voice across Marketplaces

Marketplace intelligence provides share-of-voice visibility across marketplaces, including organic and paid ads. There are multiple dimensions that can be leveraged with share-of-voice, including keywords, individual brands to the SKU level, and competitors. When combined with search intelligence and product intelligence, marketplace intelligence can have a dramatic impact on improving share-of-voice by detecting where it can be improved through search and actual changes that need to be made to the product detail page.

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MAP Compliance

Enforce MAP compliance across online channels, and receive immediate notification via alerts with the evidence necessary to rectify the issue with the seller.

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Why Use GrowByData’s Marketplace Intelligence?

GrowByData’s holistic marketplace intelligence provides agencies and brands with the competitive and product insight they need to improve marketplace performance. A weak marketplace position, and an inconsistent one across marketplaces, has a significant impact on the competitive position of a brand. GrowByData’s various forms of unified market intelligence, including search intelligence, marketplace intelligence, product intelligence, competitive intelligence, and pricing intelligence, zeros in on new opportunities to optimize marketplace performance in the shopper journey.

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