Winning the Walmart Buy Box in 2024

Winning the Walmart Buy Box in 2024
Ramesh Karki |
Winning the Walmart Buy Box

Walmart Buy Box means getting your products on the top of the searched item list for either type of seller: 1P (first-party) or 3P (third-party). Positioning your products in the buy box is the key to more traffic, reviews, and sales. The Buy Box plays a crucial role whether you are a supplier or seller in the Walmart marketplace. You have to put your best listing forward to win the buy box since the buy box greatly influences the shopper’s behavior.

In this article, we will learn about the Buy Box, its importance for 1P and 3P sellers, and the factors that help you win the Buy Box on Walmart.

What is the Walmart Buy Box? And why is it important for sellers?

Walmart Buy Box also appears as an “Add to Cart” button on product pages rewarded to strong Walmart sellers themselves similar to the Amazon Buy Box. It allows shoppers to purchase something with ease and speed benefitting both the seller and buyer. An algorithm is used to determine the product of sellers that belongs at the top of the search results giving more visibility to shoppers and helping increase traffic and conversions.

On marketplaces like Walmart when multiple sellers or more than one seller sell the same product they share the same listing and compete for the win to the ‘Add to Cart’ button. This is the most important button as this is where most shoppers make their purchasing decisions. The seller who wins the ‘Add to Cart’ is the winner of the buy box. However only one Walmart seller can win the buy box, the buy box winner is the default seller whose product goes into the ‘Add to Cart’.

Nearly every seller who does not have the buy box loses sales. To be more exact with the numbers, according to statistics, 82% of sales go through the buy box. Walmart Buy Box is a fundamental part of the shopping experience and allows for boosting online sales.

Walmart Buy Box effectively works to provide customers with a low-hassle experience. Winning the buy box is important for sellers as customers are more drawn to the first listing. It is the winner whose product gets displayed and is added to the shopping cart once a shopper clicks on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. This allows you to stand the advantage of the best sales and revenue.

Example of Buy Box on Walmart Marketplace