Google Shopping Ad Intel for Office Supplies

March 10, 2021
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Google Shopping Ad Intel for Office Supplies

The following article highlights unique insights based on the performance of ads in the office supplies category from Google Shopping. Using our Search Intelligence Solution, our experts collected data during the month of February 2021. The following data were analyzed from 715,000 ads and 3,000 Google Shopping sellers, from over 800 highly competitive opportunity keywords. Some insights you’ll discover from the following analysis include ad coverage by advertisers, the competition of product pricing, and ad extension trends among advertisers.

Top 5 Advertisers based on Overall Ad Coverage

The top 5 advertisers based on the highest number of ad impressions were Amazon, Office Depot, Staples, ULINE, and Wayfair. Among them, ULINE had the highest coverage (29%), and Amazon (22%) has the second-highest, followed by Wayfair (19%), Staples (19%), and Office Depot (12%).

Top Advertisers based on Ad coverage

Products per Price Range

Analyzing the price range of the office supplies products, we found that 52% of the products were in the price range of $0-$50. 30% of the products were priced above $150 and only 18% of the products were in the price range of $50-$150. These pricing insights can help office supplies advertisers understand where they could be pricing their products to stay competitive.

Products per price range

Use of Auto Annotations

From our analysis, we can see that most office supplies ads only use the ‘sale’ and ‘price drop’ auto ad annotations. The ‘sale’ annotation was used more than the ‘price drop’ annotation in this category. There seems to be a huge opportunity for office supplies advertisers on Google Shopping to become more visible and beat their competition by utilizing auto ad annotations.

Auto annotation usage

Use of Shipping Annotations

As per our data, around 43% of ads in our analysis had shipping annotations on them. The ‘Free Shipping’ annotation seemed to be the most popular one. Again, there seems to be a great opportunity for office supplies advertisers on Google Shopping to stand out and gain visibility by using shipping annotations.

Shipping annotation usage

Use of Local Inventory Ads

As per our data, only 9% of advertisers used local inventory ads and the remaining 91% had no local inventory ads. This is a potential area of opportunity for local advertisers can focus on, to increase their ad visibility.

Local inventory ads usage

Use of Ratings and Reviews

Through further analysis, we discovered that 30% of office supplies ads on Google Shopping had a rating score of more than 4, but only 4% of ads had a rating score of more than 3. 17% of ads had more than 100 reviews, 19% of ads had less than 100 reviews, and the remaining 64% had no reviews on them as shown on the charts below. This provides office supplies advertisers on Google Shopping with the notion that utilizing rating and review extensions are imperative to stay ahead of the competition.

Reviews and ratings count

What We Learned

Per the above insights, our experts discovered that there are many areas for office supplies advertisers to improve their ad visibility, increase ad conversion and increase sales from just a few minor tweaks to their Google Shopping ad settings and targeting.

Overall, online retailers can boost their ad visibility and share of voice in their competitive landscape by using our unique insights. If you’d like more insights like these, join our webinar: Using Share of Voice to Drive Google Strategy and Sales Growth on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 at 1 PM EST to learn:

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