Google Showcase Shopping Ads to Reach Out to New Customers

Google Showcase Ads

According to Google, approximately 80% of Showcase ad traffic to a merchant’s website comes from new visitors. If you are looking to attract and obtain new prospects, you should consider using Google Showcase Shopping Ads.

Google Showcase Ads are the next step in retailers reaching new customers.

Google Shopping is an advertising opportunity provided by Google. This platform was built on the success of its text-based Google Ads. Google shopping ads are sometimes called Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which include images and product details. As an online retailer, you can use the Google Merchant Center to manage product details and appearance across Google e-commerce sites, and make changes to online listings as needed.

The Merchant Center is an advertising tool that helps retailers upload their store, brand, and product data. Google Shopping and other Google services can then pull this information to create ads. The Google Merchant Center is where your product feed is stored, and feeds are the product details that are organized in a format that meets Google’s requirements.

Why Use Google Showcase Ads?

The current ad format (PLAs) was not suitable for 40% of the queries on Google Shopping.

In the past, according to Google, 40% of shopping queries were general in nature (i.e., “sunglasses” or “winter boots”), which meant that the current ad format (PLAs) was not suitable for 40% of the queries on Google Shopping. Therefore, in an attempt to fulfill these queries and provide customers with more relevant information, Google started Showcase ads in 2017.

Showcase ads are the next step for retailers to reach new customers. These ads were created to help retailers connect with customers who are low in the sales funnel, meaning that they are in the very early stages of their purchase journey. Showcase ads provide your online shop with improved visibility by allowing you to combine a selection of related products (your catalog) and present them using vivid, high-quality images and video. However analyzing the consumer behavior data help retailers track the graph of behaviors of old as well as new customers.

Attractive for New Shoppers!

Showcase ads appear at the top of paid search ads, so shoppers can’t miss them. Rather than showing a static, individual product image, Showcase ads display several images/products from the same feed and category that can turn into an expanding ad unit. This makes the ad more attractive to shoppers. Showcase ads can even potentially generate higher conversions because shoppers may be more easily persuaded with several options presented to them.

Incredible for Retailers/Advertisers

Showcase ads allow you to present more of your product catalog in hopes of earning a click-through and eventual sale. Showcase ads display a selection of products from your shop that are related to the search query. This enables you to promote several of your products in addition to your shop and brand within the same ad. As an advertiser, you are charged by CPE or Cost Per Engagement, which is calculated when the user expands the ad for more than 10 seconds, or the user clicks on a link that leads to one of your landing pages.

The Goal of Showcase Ads

The goal of Showcase ads is to attract potential buyers at the beginning of the sales funnel.

Product Listing ads are still effective and useful for long-tail queries such as “Nike Xarr winter boots” or “Women’s Ray-Ban Sunglasses”. These search terms are from shoppers who already know what they want and are closer to the later stages of the sales funnel.

The goal of Showcase ads is to attract potential buyers at the beginning of the sales funnel and encourage them to take the journey with your brand or shop down the funnel to convert into a sale. Showcase ads help you make a good first impression in front of high intent audiences with the right ad specs and optimized ads. Google Shopping Showcase ads are currently available only on mobile, although Google has started testing them on the desktop as well. This format is expected to grow quickly in the near future.

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