Main Challenges

Previous tools didn’t provide a great level of depth for the account team to fully understand what the competitive landscape looked like across their vertical or down to specific keywords. The team felt the landscape was shifting but wasn’t able to clearly advise the client on key competitive trends and tactics of the other leaders in the space. Additionally, with a large product catalog, the account team needed data to help prioritize where to focus their product content strategies for Google Shopping.

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Lift In CTR


Revenue Growth

The Solution

Professional Services, the Home Furniture & Decor Retail Store account team received a customized dashboard with detailed reporting around the Competitive Landscape and clear category views to understand where their strengths and opportunities are. What they found is that while they ranked in the top 5 for almost all key categories, but they also had a number of categories where they were barely visible to consumers, like Frames (ranked 17th) and Bed & Bath (ranked 33rd). Armed with this data, the Home Furniture & Decor Retail Store team had the insights they needed to adjust strategy to improve visibility across these key categories of opportunity.

Also included in the customized dashboard were granular analyses for Google Shopping product titles to help understand opportunities and drive. With data gleaned from the dashboards, Home Furniture & decor’s account team discovered that attributes such as color, material, and size were heavily used across Google Shopping titles and were underutilized in Home Furniture & decor’s program.

Top competitors like Amazon and Wayfair also showed a significantly higher amount of attribute utilization across their product titles.

As a result, the account team updated their product feed to add these attributes in as many relevant titles as possible. As a result, optimizations made to the titles resulted in improved user engagement by way of a 12% increase in CTR and a 19% lift in Revenue.

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