Guide to Map Violation Monitoring and Enforcement on Amazon US & Amazon Canada

Guide to Map Violation Monitoring and Enforcement on Amazon US & Amazon Canada
Devik Balami |
Map price Violation by retailers and resellers on amazon US and Canada marketplaces. How do you enforce Minimum Advertised Price challenges to brands, retailers and wholesalers on Amazon?

Amazon stands as a global commerce powerhouse, thriving on the perpetual exchange of goods amidst a bustling marketplace where sellers fiercely vie for consumer attention to drive sales. At the heart of Amazon’s triumph lies pricing strategies and product information, fundamental pillars in clinching the coveted Amazon Buy Box. Yet, within this fiercely competitive arena, brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers face challenges, emphasizing the critical importance of Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) in upholding pricing standards and ensuring alignment with manufacturers’ prescribed prices.

In our publication “Minimum Advertised Price,” we emphasize the importance of enforcing MAP policies for brands and manufacturers. And how important MAP policy is to protect their reputation and retain control over pricing strategies. However, within Amazon’s complex ecosystem, challenges surface with MAP pricing violations as sellers navigate pricing structures, significantly impacting pricing integrity.

Factors Contributing to the Challenge of Selling on Amazon Due to MAP Violations:

a. Lack of Amazon Enforcement:
Amazon’s failure to actively enforce MAP violations on its platform fosters an environment where sellers may be tempted to disregard MAP pricing, leading to potential disruptions for brands adhering to MAP policies on Amazon. This discrepancy can create challenges for brands facing non-compliant sellers within the marketplace.

b. Competition and Pricing:
In the competitive landscape of the Amazon marketplace, sellers are driven to adopt aggressive pricing tactics to secure a competitive advantage. Consequently, this approach can result in MAP violations as sellers strive to lure in more customers with discounted prices.

What Are The Impacts Of Map Violations on Amazon To Your Brand?

  1. Selling products consistently below MAP prices can harm a brand’s perceived value among consumers, potentially undermining consumer trust and loyalty.
  2. Sellers frequently breaching MAP pricing on Amazon may strain relationships between manufacturers and sellers, prompting manufacturers to reconsider partnerships or limit product listings on the platform.
  3. Engaging in pricing battles to secure the Buy Box on Amazon can initiate price wars, resulting in diminished profit margins for authorized sellers and manufacturers.

How Do You Monitor Map Violations on Amazon?

Numerous tools are available for monitoring MAP violations in the Amazon US and Canada marketplaces. However, conducting manual monitoring or doing so without thorough analysis can be challenging and overwhelming. Various strategies and MAP monitoring services exist in the market, with GrowByData providing comparable MAP monitoring software and services for manufacturers, brands, and wholesalers.

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Here are essential steps to consider:

1. MAP Monitoring Software:

There are several MAP monitoring software and services designed to identify and monitor MAP violations on Amazon’s US and Canadian marketplaces. These solutions offer alerts along with tangible visual evidence of MAP violations.

 2. Effective Alert System:

It is essential for clients to maintain a vigilant monitoring system that can promptly notify them of any MAP price violations. This enables them to quickly communicate with their resellers and implement necessary measures.

3. Encourage Consumer Reports:

Encouraging consumers to report any violations by submitting screenshots or receipts showing discrepancies can be a unique strategy to identify MAP violations on Amazon. This capitalizes the millions of eyeballs that are looking at your brand’s products on Amazon.

What Are The Best Ways to Enforce Map Violations on Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t enforce map policies but here are ways to address map violations on this platform.

  1. Agreement on MAP: Enforcing a signed MAP policy is the most effective method to ensure that sellers adhere to MAP guidelines.
  2. MAP Enforcement on Amazon: Clearly outline consequences for violations in the MAP Policy, ranging from warnings to partnership termination.
  3. Invest in Map Monitoring Tools: Utilize advanced monitoring tools to track prices across sellers in real-time, enabling proactive measures against violations.
  4. Direct Communication: Approach violators politely and constructively, reminding them of their obligations regarding MAP compliance.
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  5. Report to Amazon: While Amazon may not enforce MAP directly, brands and manufacturers can report pricing violations to Amazon, potentially prompting action against sellers for unfair pricing practices.
  6. Use Amazon Brand Registry: By leveraging Amazon Brand Registry, you gain control over the product listings’ PDP experience. This also enables you to report suspicious pricing activities, effectively aiding in preventing MAP violations.


In the dynamic Amazon marketplaces of the US and Canada, MAP violations pose a pervasive challenge. This challenge is exacerbated by lenient enforcement and intense seller competition. The presence of unauthorized resellers exacerbates this issue by distributing products without brand authorization, undermining the essence of brand value.

The GrowByData MAP Monitoring solution offers a comprehensive platform to address MAP violations on Amazon effectively. Promptly notifying authorized brands of violations, enables efficient communication with resellers while maintaining a professional approach. Moreover, the platform facilitates tailored email communication with authorized sellers and outlines consequences for violators who fail to rectify their MAP pricing errors. This proactive approach empowers brands to uphold pricing integrity and protect their brand reputation in the competitive Amazon marketplace.