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What is Product Intelligence?

Product intelligence collects and analyzes all content and data during the experience part, which is the product page, of the Shopper’s Journey. This data includes but is not limited to product titles, descriptions, specifications, videos, images, reviews, ratings and other forms of product related content. The Shopper Journey spans from search to experience to consumption and delivery. As a result, agencies and brands must have unified visibility between search intelligence, product intelligence, and marketplace intelligence. For example, product intelligence helps determine how relevant consumer searches, and their needs, are to the experience you create on a product page. The more relevant the experience is to meeting the need, the more likelihood for a conversion. Similarly, product intelligence helps provide insight across marketplaces to determine if your brand’s experience is consistent or optimized against competitive comparisons on the same marketplace.

What are the key features of product intelligence to create an optimal shopper experience?

Product Content

Optimize the consumer experience with insights into titles, descriptions, bullets, specifications, categorizations, including GTIN/ASIN, A+ content, and product images and video. Using Product Detail Page (PDP) scoring uncovers opportunities to optimize the page further against insights provided by search intelligence and marketplace intelligence.

Product Quality

Measure the quality of your product experience and validate it based on reviews, ratings, and rankings. Use competitive intelligence and Product Detail Page scoring for competitive and marketplace comparisons.

Product Demand and Delivery

Determine the effectiveness of promotions, product availability, shipping, and fulfillment offers on shopper conversions. Get insight on competitive comparisons to uncover new opportunities to implement more aggressive pricing or optimize it. Compare how non price promotions, like free shipping, may drive higher conversions.

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Why Use GrowByData’s Product Intelligence?

GrowByData provides holistic product intelligence to agencies and brands that optimizes the experience for shoppers more likely leading to a conversion, and provides additional insight into how brands can improve that experience. Product Detail Page (PDP) scoring is a unique algorithmic tool from GrowByData that enables marketers to optimize content on a product page across marketplaces. When product intelligence is leveraged in unison with search intelligence, marketplace intelligence, competitive intelligence, and pricing intelligence, brands can identify new opportunities at the point of conversion that encompasses every aspect of a shopper journey.

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Product Intelligence