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What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive intelligence is collected and analyzed through competitive intelligence software, and provides granular insight into how competitors market their products across marketplaces, direct-to-consumer sites, or retailers, down to the SKU or stock keeping unit level. Competitive intelligence at the SKU level includes price intelligence, advertising intelligence, search intelligence, and cross-channel competitive intelligence. Competitive products are marketed across the digital shelf, and insight into how those products are found, advertised, priced, and displayed across channels gives insight into finding opportunities for your products to compete more effectively.

Why Should Your Agency or Brand Use Competitive Intelligence Software to Improve eCommerce Performance?

Agencies and brands traditionally use search intelligence, the data that publishers like Google provides, or sometimes incomplete first party data from the client. However, none of this data includes competitive intelligence, and the level of granularity that competitive intelligence software provides. Without using competitive intelligence software, eCommerce marketers are limited in their ability to improve performance, and are missing vital insights that would make their brands more competitive. Agencies and brands need competitive intelligence to have a holistic view of the shopper journey to optimize the digital shelf, and to prevent missing significant sales opportunities everyday.

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How to Evaluate Competitive Intelligence Software for eCommerce?

Types of Competitive Intelligence Available across the Shopper Journey to Optimize Your Brands on the Digital Shelf

competitive-intel Competitive price intelligence is reliant on actively and accurately monitoring competitor’s prices to the SKU level, based on a verification process, and customized to fit your needs. Due to the changing nature of pricing intelligence, competitive pricing intelligence must manage prices across a variety of marketing intelligence dimensions including advertising, marketplaces, direct-to-consumer sites and retailers, and SERP components. Through competitor pricing software, competitor pricing intelligence can be extended into creating a powerful rule-based price engine that can be leveraged as an efficient price optimization tool to execute dynamic pricing strategies. MAP violations are also monitored and reported with customized alerts to the user.

comp-intelCompetitive search intelligence is delivered through competitive intelligence software and provides near real-time, custom multi-dimensional visibility into your competitor’s advertising, and how retailers are selling and marketing your products. It encompasses search intelligence, paid search intelligence, and advertising intelligence, and supports all SERP ad formats, including text ads, display ads, shopping ads, local ads, and organic.
At deeper levels of granularity, competitive search intelligence provides Google and Bing Ad SERP visibility by keyword, price, device, and region, tracking all ads across all SERP components, campaigns, and content. It provides holistic visibility into competitive marketing strategies, monitoring competitors’ ads, tracking what brands retailers are pushing, and uncovering all types of promotions, including inventory.

comp-intelCompetitive marketplace intelligence provides holistic competitive ad visibility across all marketplaces, including organic and paid ads, top sellers, editorial recommendations, and special programs like Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus. All competitive dimensions are monitored, tracked, and analyzed across marketplaces, including product pricing, content, promotions, and availability. For product content, deeper visibility is provided into ratings and reviews to optimize price and promotions. Competitors are also monitored with visibility into share-of-voice by keyword.

Why Use GrowByData’s Competitive Intelligence Software

GrowByData provides online marketing intelligence software that gives agencies, brands, and retailers unified visibility into the shopper journey to optimize the digital shelf. To dramatically improve your eCommerce performance, GrowByData not only provides data that is available nowhere else, but also for an unlimited number of brands, marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer sellers across every way that shoppers search, buy, and have their needs fulfilled. Our online marketing intelligence software enriches and unifies this data across Search, Product, Competitor, Pricing, and Marketplace dimensions to transform it into eCommerce marketing intelligence that provides complete and customized visibility for each of our clients. GrowByData includes software-as-a-service (SaaS) and data-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions.

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