Top 10 Popular Books on Amazon to Read During COVID-19 Isolation

April 10, 2020
Top 10 Popular Books on Amazon to Read During COVID-19 Isolation Download PDF
Top 10 Most Popular Books on Amazon To Read During COVID-19 - GrowByData

As the world faces the effects of the novel coronavirus, “temporarily closed until further notice’” is a common sight in many storefronts. The streets are eerily quiet with so few vehicles and pedestrians. Governments around the world are asking their citizens to stay home for the foreseeable future until the virus threat dwindles.

A good book can provide insight, knowledge, comfort or a welcome escape.

Being in isolation like this can be depressing and challenging for many of us. As the world faces the COVID-19 crisis, people have to find ways to keep themselves entertained within a confined space. Books are a popular way to pass the time, and reading is one of the ways people are coping with isolation. When we read, we get to inhabit other bodies, imagine ourselves as characters and let go of our own concerns as we experience the adventures of those characters. A good book can provide insight, knowledge, comfort or a welcome escape. Reading is also a great way to use this time to increase your knowledge on a topic or learn a new skill.

Almost as if they were made for social distancing, books are easy to access without leaving your home. They are available for download to your phone, tablet, computer, Kindle — or to have delivered in the old-fashioned hard-copy way. Libraries across America allow members to borrow eBooks and audiobooks without visiting the branches. Amazon has made an extra number of free eBooks and audiobooks available for people to download as well.

We at GrowByData looked at the Search data on Amazon Books for March to see which books were bought the most and which ones were read the most. These are the most read and sold fiction books for readers that are looking for an escape:

COVID-19 Fiction Books-GrowByData

Here are the most read and sold non-fiction books for readers that are looking to gain knowledge, learn, and improve themselves.

Non-Fiction Books on Amazon - GrowByData

Some people may want to know which books have become popular quickly. We have listed the top 10 movers for the month of March based on sales rankings they have achieved throughout the month on Amazon.

Sales Ranking of Books on Amazon - GrowByData

We live in an age of reviews. People like to state their opinions on everything, including food, restaurants, clothes, stores, businesses — and especially books. Many people also like to know about other people’s choices, so we looked at the comments and reviews of many popular reads. The following are the top 10 books with the greatest number of reviews on Amazon.

Number of reviews on books

While we are all stuck indoors with family, roommates or by ourselves for an extended period, life can get extremely tedious. There are many great books out there that can help us pass this time of isolation in a productive, enjoyable way. We hope this list of books is useful in making your decision about what you’re going to read next.

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