Online Marketing Intelligence

GrowByData Online Marketing Intelligence solution gives unified insights across the shopper’s journey to optimize your paid and organic ads visibility, click-ability and buy ability of your products to maximize total eCommerce performance across the Search Engines and Marketplaces.

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Total eCommerce Performance

Total eCommerce performance is the competitive measure of visibility, click-ability and buy-ability of your brand across the channels like search and marketplaces. Typically, eCommerce managers and advertisers analyze these factors in silos and only rely on performance data from respective search and marketplace platforms. A unified Digital Marketing Intelligence across Search Engines & Marketplaces, and Competitive Product Experience Intelligence enable a total eCommerce performance for smarter and faster growth.

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Cross Chanel Visibility Across the Shopper’s Journey

To have a powerful intelligence for total eCommerce performance, you inevitably require cross-channel visibility across the shopper’s journey. Today, the Shopper’s Journey is complex. Shopper’s move through various channel in the course of their complex shopping journey. Google calls this the messy middle.

Therefore, as an eCommerce retailer depending upon your target audience size; it’s important to have visibility across popular search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu & More; and Marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, E-bay, Best Buy, Target, Instacart, CVS, and others.

Marketing Intelligence allows you to build and analyze intent-based visibility across the shopper’s journey on all the major channels.

Understand Your Brand Vs Competitors Visibilities

Understand international, regional, city, & postcode level competitive landscape as well as your visibility across search engines & marketplaces with Marketing Intelligence. The visibility analysis based on location helps you narrow down your audience and focus your advertising to help find the right customers for your business. Marketing Intelligence can further break down your locational visibilities into different product categories to understand which category has a better share of voice compared to your competitors.

With these deep analytics, gain a competitive edge over the competitors across the time, target location, channels, category & seasons. You can mobilize your teams to setup and build your marketing strategies; properly manage & utilize your advertising budget to maximize your visibilities across the shopper’s journey and boost your sales.

Comprehensive Measure of Click-ability

Typically, the reason you have less visibility is that either you are not targeting that location, or you have lower click-ability factors in your competitive landscape.

Many factors are impacting your click-through rate and algorithmically your visibilities too. Marketing Intelligence gives competitive analytics of granular click-ability factors & pin-pointed insights to optimize your Organic and Paid Ads clicks.

Monitor Search Engines and Marketplaces to track SERP format fluctuations, Above the Fold SERP Components & Ad Contents, and understand the competitive landscape to optimize your Ads Click-ability factors across the shopper’s journey.

Insights Into Your Buy-ability Factors

Like click-ability factors boosting your visibilities, buy-ability factors influence sales and algorithmically have tremendous impacts on your visibility and click-ability across the channels.

Product Experience: The shopper’s journey is complex and messy, so it is important to provide an excellent shopping experience across their buying decision process to boost your sales. Shoppers expect a user-friendly digital shelf that is convenient, personalized, and with an optimized product detail page.
Competitive Price: An important component of product experience is to offer competitive prices across the channels. Competitive pricing is an important factor that can maximize your visibility. Keep track of competitors, sellers, and pricing, and make sure your prices are optimized and competitive compared to your competitors to win more visibility & clicks.

Hollistic Ecommerce Marketing IntelligenceTool

The GrowByData online Market intelligence Platform is an all-in-one marketing software for eCommerce providing real-time custom data collection, expert-level diagnosis & measurement with granular data analysis, and insights & opportunities for total eCommerce performance.

  • Customizable Data Collection: Customize data collection for your keywords & products from your target audience’s Geo-location to understand your visibility in each continent, country, city, post-code, and language.
  • Channel Intelligence: The data gives market information on products, prices, and promotions with GrowByData retail category data and custom data collected specifically for you. Discover and monitor competitors in each retail category across Search Engines & Marketplaces.
  • Digital Shelf Visibility: Get unprecedented Digital Shelf Visibility across the Shopper’s Journey. Understand your visibilities based on various Keywords, Search Intents, Seasonal Search, Products & Promotions, and get the competitive outlook of your brand’s Share of Voice.
  • Search Marketing Intelligence: Monitor and optimize your search visibility across the Search Engines & Marketplaces. Analyze SERPs and find opportunities to improve Visibility & Click-ability factors across Paid & Organic SERP Formats.
  • Product Experience Intelligence: Get visibility on product experience management like product titles, pricing, promotions, customer sentiments, seasonal demands, categories & other attributes & custom dimensions to uncover pin-pointed optimization areas to improve buy-ability.
  • Competitive intelligence: Monitor competitors’ activities across the digital shelf and build competitive intelligence to gain an edge against your competitors in visibility, click-ability, & buy-ability across the shopper’s journey.
  • Brand Protection: Monitor MAP violations, track unauthorized resellers, affiliation violations, trademark violations, and other activities deteriorating your brand value.

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