Online Marketing Intelligence Software

GrowByData Online Marketing Intelligence Software gives unified insights across the shoppers journey to consistently optimize findability, buy ability & availability of your products for smarter & faster eCommerce growth.

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Backbone of GrowByData Marketing Intelligence

Data accuracy is key to your success therefore, it’s important to collect real-time market data and ensure its accuracy with an extensive dual quality assurance process by man and machine. Also, customizable data collection centers, device mode, and frequencies give you unmatched insights into your target locations and devices.

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Real-Time Data Collection
The intraday search & product data from search engines & marketplaces are collected with desktop, tablet & mobile devices from any location (countries, regions, states, cities & zip codes) empowers you with visibilities to all your target market locations. These data can be further enriched with different custom data points per your need ensuring all sorts of insights you need to gain an edge.

Digital Shelf Data Analytics
The data collected is analyzed to give you unprecedented digital shelf visibility on products, price, promotions, and performance of your brand versus your competitors and uncover opportunities through various pre-built reports.

Marketing Measurement
Various marketing measurement metrics like share of voice, visibility, and conversion scores of your products and your competitors help you audit your marketing efforts alongside giving you insights into over and under-performing areas. Marketing intelligence gives you pinpointed items for improvement.

Act & Close the loop
The market intel data help you build strategies & insights collaborating with our Customer Success teams and translate data into action by identifying opportunities in your categories. Act swiftly and automate optimization patches across your store and marketplaces with GrowByData product feed; connected with your store and marketplaces.

All-in-One Best Marketing Tool

The GrowByData online market intelligence platform is an all-in-one marketing software for eCommerce providing real-time custom data collection, expert-level diagnosis & measurement with granular data analysis, and insights & opportunities to act on across each touchpoint on the shopper’s journey.

  • Customizable Data Collection: Customize data collection for your keywords & products from your target market locations & devices. Also get access to our Retail Category Data collected intraday for market analysis, research, planning, and benchmarking.
  • Market Analysis: The data gives market information on products, prices, and promotions with GrowByData retail category data and custom data collected specifically for you. Discover and monitor competitors in each retail category across search engines like Google & Bing.
  • Search Intelligence: Monitor and optimize your search visibility across the search engines. Analyze SERP and find opportunities to improve your Paid Search with Ad Intelligence and optimize your organic visibility with broad SEO Intelligence.
  • Product Intelligence: Get visibility on product information like product titles, price, promotions, customer reviews & ratings and find optimization areas to improve sales conversion.
  • Marketplace Intelligence: Monitor visibility across marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ebay, BestBuy & Instacart and build search and product strategies to optimize your sales in each marketplace.
  • Competitive intelligence: Monitor competitors’ activities across the digital shelf and build competitive intelligence to gain an edge against your competitors in each aspect of the Shopper’s Journey.
  • Brand Protection: Monitor map violations, track unauthorized resellers, and other activities deteriorating your brand value.
  • Availability: Stay on top of your product availability and avoid losing out on sales along with pushing products with optimized prices where your competitors are out of stock.

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