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January 15, 2021
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Using GrowByData’s Price Intelligence Solution, we collected and analyzed the Google SERP data and retail price data in Google Shopping. We collected highly competitive opportunity keywords for the market analysis of the seed keyword “electronics”. We collected the retailers’ price data and the product information for November 2020. The total number of SKUs found was 2,200 from around 300 brands for above 2,250 retailers with almost 30K price changes during the month.

Top Retailers

For the category ‘electronics’ eBay was the top retailer by offering the most products (842) followed by Walmart and Best Buy with 594 and 344 products respectively. B&H Photo-Video-Audio and complete the top 5 list. eBay was also the most competitive retailer in terms of price changes per product making 31% price changes on 842 products. Products from Walmart saw over 20% of the total price changes on 594 products followed by Best Buy, NeutronUSA and, B&H Photo-Video-Audio which also make the top 5 list.

top retailers by sky count - most competitive retailers - market analysis of electronics

Top Brands

The Top brand that provided the greatest number of electronics options was Samsung with 90 products followed by Dell with 87 electronics options. Sony, Lenovo, and LG were found in the top 5 list for top brands after Samsung and Dell with 74, 67, and 65 products in terms of electronics choices.

Samsung was also the most competitive brand recording 25% of the total price changes during the month. Bose, Sony, LG, and Lenovo were the top 5 most competitive brands after Samsung in terms of price changes. Bose is the brand with an aggressive pricing strategy as they make 16% of the total price changes on just 35 products.

top brands by SKU count - most competitive brands - market analysis of electronics

Most Competitive Price Range

Our analysis shows that 31% of the products were priced between price ranges of under $100. We found a total of 37% price changes between price ranges of 500 and more and only 1% of the price changes occurred on products between price ranges of $400-$450. The price ranges above $500 was found to be the most competitive range with 37% of the price changes occurring at this range which had 31%of electronic products. The least competitive price range was the $0-50 range which had 20% of electronic products but only 14% of the total price changes.

most competitive price change -market analysis of electronics

Top Retailers by Lowest Priced SKUs

Our price intelligence data shows that eBay is the retailer with the lowest priced SKUs in the market and provides the best deals for electronics. Their products were priced lowest on 35% of the products during November. After eBay, the products of Walmart were priced lowest at 17% of the products and Best Buy had the lowest prices on 12% of the products during this time period. Base Lab Tools and Home Depot stood 4th and 5th having the lowest priced SKUs on 9% and 8% of the products respectively.

best deals: retailers with the most lowest priced SKUs

Most Competitive Day of the Week

As per the analysis for the most competitive day of the week, we found that Thursday is the best day to find electronic products at a lower price. Prices were lowered 58% of the time and were raised 42% of the time. Monday was found to be the day of the week with the highest rate of raised prices at 54% and lowered 46% of the time. Saturday had an equal rate of raised prices and lowered prices at 50% of the time.

most competitive day of the week - market analysis of electronics

Top Products Carried by Most Sellers

Based on the market analysis of electronics, we have listed the top 6 products carried by the greatest number of retailers during the month of November.

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